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Diving FAQs

A collection of the most frequently askedquestions about diving.

General questions about diving

In addition to your usual diving equipment, please also bring your logbook and your diving certificate. If you would like to dive with Nitrox, please also remember your Nitrox certificate. As we are in a current-rich diving area, it is also mandatory for every diver to bring a current buoy and a current hook.

Our dives are carried out from the diving dhoni. The diving equipment remains on the dhoni. You can leave the jacket and regulator attached to the tank during the entire tour. The jacket and regulator only have to be removed when crossing to another atoll, as the tanks have to be filled on the main ship. A separate diving basket is available under your seat for the rest of your equipment.

We have 12L PTG with DIN and INT connection on board. So you do not need to bring an adapter. Lead and lead belts are also available.

Depending on how cold you feel, we recommend a long 3mm or 5mm suit. A shorty is also possible, but due to the risk of nettles on the reef, we recommend a long suit.

Since we have been equipped with the "enos" tracking system on board the Nautilus Two since 2020, it is not necessary to bring your own system. The majority of dives in the Maldives are drift dives, which are accompanied on the surface by our dive dhonis. A drift buoy is therefore essential and mandatory for every diver.

A corresponding diving experience of at least 40 dives is required. Our dive guide is authorized to exclude the diver from a dive if he/she does not meet the requirements of the upcoming dive due to his/her experience or is under the influence of alcohol. In such a case, the dive cannot be refunded.

Snorkeling fins (full-foot fins) are basically sufficient, as all dives are carried out from the diving dhoni. It is therefore not necessary to walk over the reef top, rocks or sand with your equipment. The average water temperature is ~28-29°C all year round.

A current hook is not mandatory but recommended, as the currents can be very strong depending on the season. For photographers or filmmakers, it is always an advantage to be equipped with a current hook.

If you have your own diving torch, we recommend that you bring it with you in any case. As every diver knows, a torch proves its worth at shallower depths (underhangs, caves, etc.). As we carry out 1-2 night dives on all our safaris, weather permitting, we are happy to provide you with our torches free of charge. However, these can also be rented for the entire duration of your stay for a fee.

A diving medical examination is recommended for every diver. However, it is not mandatory in the Maldives. Every diving guest receives a disclaimer at the beginning of a safari, which confirms that the diver is fit to dive at their own risk. Furthermore, for your own safety, we strongly recommend that you take out diving insurance, which specifically covers pressure chamber treatment on Bandos Island in the event of a diving accident. 

We recommend that you bring your own equipment that you are familiar with. If necessary, there is of course the possibility of replacement equipment. If you would like to hire equipment from the start, please let us know when you book (equipment required, size, etc.).

This is possible in any case, as our spacious cabins can be booked for single occupancy or, in the case of double occupancy, are equipped with queen-size single beds. The buddy teams are agreed between the dive guides and the guests after the check dive. In any case, it is possible to complete all dives directly with the dive guide as a buddy.

In addition to the generous amount of space on board the Nautilus Two, you can also spend a relaxing time in the saloon, on the sun deck or in the whirlpool at the bow of the ship. Depending on the dive site, you can also accompany the dive with the dhoni as a snorkeler, allowing you to observe and experience the underwater world of the Maldives. If the dive site does not allow this due to current or depth, our crew can take you by dinghy to a nearby reef for an unforgettable snorkeling experience.